Per Astra

Due Diligence - Restructuring - Environmental Compliance

Maurizio Boaretto


"If it stuck underground I know how to get it to the surface!"

Sectors of expertise
  • Mining
  • Environmental
  • Power & Utilities

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Core Roles: Mining Technology, Mines Operational & Performance Reviews and Monitoring, Mine Restructuring Planning & Implementation
Currently: CEO of Construction & Mining Engineering Services
Independent Safety Officer at SB Industrial Minerals
Per Astra Management Advisor
Previously: Member of the Board of Charter Institute of Engineers of Cagliari
General Technical Manager & Chief of Design at Nuova Mineraria Silius &
Head of Underground Equipment, Mechanical & Electrical Design at Nuova Mineraria Silius &
AGIP SpA (ENI Group) Head of surface coal mining design projects Worldwide

Maurizio has 30 years of working experience in mining commodities, such as coal, metals and industrial minerals and mineral oils, include directing operations at the Carbosulcis Mine in Sardenia, where he was Head of Mining Planning and Mine Design. As a director at Nuova Mineraria Silius SpA
. he was Mine And Beneficiation Plant Director. Whilst Maurizio was a senior executive at AGIP SpA (ENI Group) 
where he was in charge of surface coal mining and design of allmining projects Worldwide.

Maurizio's technical strength lead him to serve as a member of the EU Consultative Panel for Mining from 1987 to 1996 and thereafter he was appointed as a memeber of the EU Expert Committee - ECCS for Mine Safety defining best practise for mine design and operation above and below ground.

Maurizio is currently CEO of a Contruction Engineering and Mining Services Srl which benefits Per Astra and our clients in that Maurizio has a talented team of mining professionals which we can rely on to assist in post implementation of projects.

Throughout a long career he has participated in major mining projects in numerous countries worldwide, including Italy, Great Britain, USA, South Africa, China, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, and Mexico.  

"Per aspera ad Astra" - Seneca; ca. 4 BC - AD 65