Per Astra

Due Diligence - Restructuring - Environmental Compliance

Hugh Bence


"Cut it short, less is more when it comes to words; just give me the numbers!"

Sectors of expertise
  • Chemicals
  • Manufacturing
  • Environmental
  • Power & Utilities

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Chemical Industry

Core Roles: Due Diligence, Operations, Restructuring
Currently: Per Astra Chemical Industry Consultant
Small Forestry Owner Operator in the UK
Previously: Senior Commissioning Manager Exxon Mobil Polyethylene Plant Wilton - World’s largest PE plant at 400kte nominal capacity

SABIC – Hunstman - ICI - Senior Operations Manager Olefins 6 - Europe's largest multi-feed cracker


Hugh is a Chemical Engineer with nearly 40 years of experience in the Petrochemical and Fertilizer sectors of the chemical industry with various senior roles in operation of major hazard plants for leading chemical companies. Hugh has a strong technical grounding linked to a good understanding of behavourial safety and risk mitigation techniques required to manage high hazard plants in a competent manner. Hugh has the required mix of intellectual and technical rigour with management perseverance required to deliver operational excellence. This hard earnt knowledge is invaluable in assisting in the technical due diligence review of complex chemical operations. Hugh’s analysis is defined by the numbers as the numbers never lie when it comes to operational efficiencies for large scale plants.

Hugh's strong leadership and operations experience resulted in his appointment by Huntsman as the Senior Commissioning Manager for the World largest Polyethylene plant from 2005 up until it was commissioned successfully in 2010. Before the commissioning role for Exxon Mobil Hugh had extensive senior management experience in operations in petrochemical and fertilizer manufacture culminating in the role of senior Operations Manager for Europe’s largest mixed feed cracker from 1990 until 2005.

After a distinguished career with leading chemicals companies including ICI, Huntsman, SABIC & Exxon Mobil Hugh began his collaboration with Per Astra in 2010.

"Per aspera ad Astra" - Seneca; ca. 4 BC - AD 65