Per Astra

Due Diligence - Restructuring - Environmental Compliance

Andrew Welty


"Finding the money is one thing - but getting everyone comfortable with what the story really is, is what gets the deal done!"

Sectors of expertise

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Finance and Investor Relations

Core Roles: Strategy, Transaction Sourcing, Investor Relationship Development, Financial Due Diligence, Transaction Structuring, Financial Advisory
Currently: Per Astra - USA
Managing Director for AGSM LLC - a Pittsburgh based Private Equity company
Previously: Portfolio Manager, Polygon Investment Partners
Director Credit Trading Products, Nomura International plc
Director of High Yield Research, Deutsche Bank

Andrew has over 14 years of in-depth institutional investment experience, managing large diversified equity and debt portfolios with a variety of capital and ownership structures. Andrew has a track record of consistent profitable investments in corporate credit markets whilst he was managing a $ multi-billion investment portfolio. The oil and gas industry was a key focus of the investment strategy during Andrew’s time managing the investment portfolio with a strong focus on exploration and development companies. As a Portfolio Manager for a global multi-billion dollar hedge fund, Andrew co-managed the firm's global credit portfolio and was a member of its Risk Committee that analyzed the Fund's overall investment risks at a macro and micro level.

Andrew has an entrepreneurial nature and is excited by opportunities that create long-term value creation through involvement with industry professionals. Andrew is a perfect fit for Per Astra whereby his financial contacts and banking knowledge can often help to find funding.

Andrew is Managing Director for AGSM LLC a Pittsburgh based Private Equity company.

Andrew’s Investment philosophy incorporates the following skills, competencies and network of contacts:

  • Fundamental Business Research Skills
  • Modeling & Sensitivity Analysis
  • Liquidity & Comparable Analysis
  • Knowledge of Procedures of Chp. 11
  • Knowledge of Bond & Loan Covenants Structures
  • Disciplined Approach to Valuation
  • Thorough Evaluation of All Risks Not Just Financial
  • Focus on Preservation of Capital
  • Mastery of Corporate Re-Org Strategies
  • Bankruptcy Attorney Relationships
  • Deep Network of Corporate, Banking
  • Distressed Industry Contacts


"Per aspera ad Astra" - Seneca; ca. 4 BC - AD 65