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Project development target identification: many clients have retained Per Astra Management to identify potential acquisition targets. The advantage of our industry knowledge is that we can often locate potential targets from our industry contacts rather than relying on the normal M&A brokerage firms. This is especially important for finding small size companies required for a "buy & build" roll-up play where the best target companies are often beneath the radar screen

Due diligence: Per Astra Management can provide due diligence services for the full business operations of a chosen target company, following all functions from revenue generation to cash collection. This requires the analysis of the adequacy of the means of production, and the means of doing business, as well as the identification of major strengths, weaknesses, threats or opportunities that may be present in the market operations of the target company. In addition we can limit the scope of our study to individual functional elements such as environmental due diligence or operational review as required.

Full business analysis: our approach is to provide a multi-functional analysis of the full business cycle which reduces the coordination effort required by our clients during the M&A process by minimizing interfaces, and ensuring that the analysis for each function is brought together in a thematic report tailored to suit the clients needs. Clients often request us to complete a full business analysis whilst asking us to collaborate with their chosen financial auditors and legal advisors. In this case Per Astra can provide a full financial review, on an operational management accounting basis, such that we can deliver an insight into the marginal profitability and cost analysis for the target company. We also have the capability for in-house legal review of environmental compliance linked to our environmental services should the client require this. This umbrella of services ensures that our clients’ questions and concerns are answered in a single report with a common approach and a consistent overview.

Post acquisition management services: Per Astra Management Group can define the post acquisition strategy and define the key deliverables for the 100-day plan. As part of the creation of the plan the resource requirements for man-power and capital needs will be estimated for each implementation stage. Where resource limitations are identified then Per Astra can provide skilled teams of executives to assist with interim management either drawn directly from our group or from additional resource pools known to us. This can also include assistance in the recruitment of key staff for permanent roles.  Per Astra are always willing to stand by their due diligence conclusions by offering to assist with the post acquisition implementation plan.

Environmental services: The particular skill set of Per Astra Management Group often means that we are involved with industries that require strict regulation with regard to environmental controls. Our environmental team is skilled in the identification and quantification of potential environmental liabilities associated with an acquisition target or operating business. Our team includes an environmental lawyer who can work with our industrial and environmental experts to provide a more complete environmental review. If significant pollution is identified our team can design and implement suitable land and water remediation strategies to reduce the pollutants to beneath the consent level. Per Astra can perform Carbon Footprint studies, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments as well as provide strategies for risk mitigation associated with implementation of projects in the industrial and agricultural sectors. Per Astra can perform such assessments with reference to the standard ISO 26000 for guidance on social responsibility. 

Agricultural services: Our agricultural team is often asked to complete due diligence in support of buy-side processes in the same way as the other teams. In addition we have been asked to review farming techniques and the carbon footprint of farming enterprises on behalf of institutional banks such as EBRD and investment funds wanting to confirm that their investments meet sustainable investment standards. These reviews include an assessment of the social impact of farming on rural communities and the impact of activities on biodiversity and the energy efficiency of the chosen farming techniques, with reference to the standard ISO 26000. 

EU Grant Programmes: Per Astra experts are experienced in designing and submitting successful applications that qualify for EU grants under various EU Commission funding programmes such as LIFE. Per Astra can provide the ongoing monitoring and auditing essential for maintaining compliance with EU grants. 



"Per aspera ad Astra" - Seneca; ca. 4 BC - AD 65